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"I am the youngest of three, born into a country still maturing (decade by decade) being only 240+ years old to a mum (1st generation Australian) with Swiss/German/Kiwi (New Zealand) parents arriving in 1927 and dad (Australian) with distant Irish/American ancestors although my sibling’s and I grew up in a Conservative English like attitude, a big part of Australians’ history due to the settlement in 1788. They were both fun and exciting, which I carry on in my life. My star sign is Libra (always trying to Balance), I was born the Year of the Horse (always moving forward and over hurdles), and as I learned more insight about myself by aging noticed traits in my Nature, Personality, and Physical appearance from all those components. 


I naturally smile and love chatting and getting to know a person, even if for only that moment, at time’s making their day, they say. Out of my entire professional career, I was the most comfortable in my Customer service role at Sydney Airport. I am a Forgiver without much effort ‘Letting it Go’ at thee (or shortly after) although the scenario (subconsciously) edged in my memory having to have left two marriages.

My book that has been written is titled Life of a Bondi Girl. This is a courageous, inspirational, uplifting story of strength and moving forward. He or she will find this book a personal account of my journey through life. This book is about my experiences and hurdles and how my life has transpired."

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