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I am the youngest of three, born into a country still maturing (decade by decade) being only 240+ years old to a mum (1st generation Australian) with Swiss/German/Kiwi (New Zealand) parents arriving in 1927 and dad (Australian) with distant Irish/American ancestors although my sibling’s and I grew up in a Conservative English like attitude, a big part of Australians’ history due to the settlement in 1788. They were both fun and exciting, which I carry on in my life. My star sign is Libra (always trying to Balance), I was born the Year of the Horse (always moving forward and over hurdles), and as I learned more insight about myself by aging noticed traits in my Nature, Personality, and Physical appearance from all those components. 

Both my parents were self-made and sport-orientated, dad played for East Rugby Union, and mum Tennis, mainly. When I was 12, our front yard was Centennial Park (in the Eastern suburbs of our city, Sydney) which my parents encouraged running around most mornings at 0600, I did until I was 17. I am physically and mentally strong, Kind not Weak with a Gentle demeanor unless provoked or having to Stand up for myself or later discipline my sons now 22 and 24. I am quietly confident without being Full (of), or Up myself with an immense amount of Empathy.


I naturally smile and love chatting and getting to know a person, even if for only that moment, at time’s making their day, they say. Out of my entire professional career, I was the most comfortable in my Customer service role at Sydney Airport. I am a Forgiver without much effort ‘Letting it Go’ at thee (or shortly after) although the scenario (subconsciously) edged in my memory having to have left two marriages.

I strive for Self Improvement especially since my 40’s, looking at ‘The Women in the Mirror’ more, trying to be The Best Person I can but not being too hard on myself at the same time. I’m naturally a Glass Half Full person. I am Compassionate and a Romantic at Heart. I put 100% into every Professional/Voluntary position I have held. I’m a Lateral thinker (looking Outside the Square), Spontaneous, Reactive, and Quick on My Feet. I have become more Patient and Think before I act.

I have Always Loved life, feeling fearless at time’s having to get amongst it, not hide away (which has definitely escalated) since my fight with having had Brain Cancer from 2012-2017 and no sign of it since.

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