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"I was born on the 16th of June 1950 in Wellington, New Zealand. Dad had just returned back from the second world war, met my beautiful mother, and got married, we 3 kids and followed soon afterward. I was No. 2, the Middle man.

At an early age, I knew “things” others seemed to be oblivious to…. like the man who walked up and down the passageway and no one else saw him! So started my life as being different, or as often called “Delusional”.

I met my husband Garry, and not long after, we were married and still are to this day! My ambition to buy a Nursing home so Naturopathy and many other pieces of paper later, was “Told” this was NOT my path. So off to Auckland, we went. I always felt life was delivering me dud hands, not able to follow my heart, be a nurse and own a Nursing home. But soon realized “Karma” whatever one wishes to call it, was NOT to be a Nurse, but to allow my spirituality to now blossom into a full-on journey of self-discovery.

Children now working so started a whole new exciting road we call life! I was introduced to an amazing workshop, where teleportation and manifestation were part of the Curriculum. Boy, life started to make me run to keep up. At last, my spirituality found an outlet and freedom within me. My first tour to Egypt with 70-odd people from around the world, opened my eyes and heart to feel for the first time, I was not hallucinating as my father and many friends, etc…. BUT was in fact for REAL!

I have written books titled WHO ARE YOU: So What is Your Reality? and THE DOCTOR WHO REFUSED TO DIE."

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