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"I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States for many years. I have always enjoyed the extensive beauty of nature and have hence spent many days in the outdoors. Personal hobbies are exercising, walking, day hiking, and traveling. In 2020 before the pandemic, I went on a group trip to Israel, which was #1 on my bucket list, the trip visited 45 sites in 9 days, and I imagined what it would have been like to be on the earth at the time for each site which made the trip more experiential, I felt like I was walking on holy ground at a number of sites, and the trip exceeded my expectations. As far as future travel, Alaska and the National Parks in the United States are my next priorities.

I wrote a book titled Life Choices and Life Paths. The idea for this book came from God. Each day that I worked on this book, I prayed for God’s guidance and direction. God was always faithful in helping me in some noticeable way; writer’s block was one example.
empty nester."

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