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Alan Mark Train is the author of The Psychedelic Slacker, a coming-of-age novel, as well as of Strawberry Fairchild and The Green Flame, an illustrated color fable for adults. A murder mystery from the perspective of a technical support engineer is in progress. His prose, fiction, and poetry have appeared in literary magazines (The Underground Rag Mag, Slick Press) and in the Santa Cruz Good Times entertainment weekly where he was one of the winners of a short story contest. His writings appear online on Associated Content, Buzzle, and Constant Content. Train has an English B.A. from the University of Minnesota and was an ace feature writer for his high school newspaper in the Upper Midwest, where he grew up just a little too late for the Sixties and then couldn't get over them. His daytime career as a software-oriented technical writer leverages experience gained during some years spent as a computer programme.

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